5 Stress Management Techniques

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Or, maybe you are preparing mentally for the holidays coming up, when you are typically more stressed than normal. Either way, there are so many benefits to reducing and managing your stress load in a […]

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Getting Fit In Style – Where to Get Cute & Cheap Workout Clothes

When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you work HARD! It’s time to ditch the oversized tees, and gym shorts and get into fit fashion!! My favoriiiiiiite thing to workout in are bodysuits.  I love the idea […]

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“Personal Trainers Near Me” – Finding The BEST Fitness Trainer For You

You’re here because you’re considering hiring a personal trainer.  Having a personal trainer may be exactly what you need to get yourself going, and I respect that! Some of us need that push, and someone to tell us to get off of […]

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