22 Black Fitness Trainers & Influencers You Need To Know!

When I started my fitness journey I was very lost and confused.

I didn’t know what workouts to do, or what to eat, or how long I should workout.

One of the things that helped me find my way was filling my news feed with people who looked like what I was going for.

I started following many fitness accounts on instagram and YouTube, and still to this day when I need some new ideas or a program to do, I always know where to go.

In honor of black history month and celebrating the greatness of our community I am showing love to my FAVES today! Here are 22 of my favorite BLACK fitness trainers and/or influencers from Atlanta, all the way to Los Angeles and in between.

Whether you need virtual training, in person training, workout programs, or simply motivation you can find the help you’re looking for with one of these amazing people.

Even if you’ve had children, want to lose fat, gain muscle, or just get healthy overall someone on this list can help and/or motivate you to get right!


Click their image to view their profiles!


Capri Curves – Miami, FL

Taylor – Memphis, TN

Sumeyya K.

Mecca – Atlanta, GA

Jaslyn – Akron, OH

Mychala – Atlanta, GA

Rudy – Atlanta, GA

Chanel – Los Angeles, CA

Kiara – Atlanta, GA


Massy Arias – Los Angeles, CA

Morgan – Dallas, TX

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Duke – Los Angeles, CA

Neko – Atlanta, GA

Dion – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

DD – Phoenix, AZ

Bo Lee

Darius – Florida

TJ – Atlanta, GA




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