5 Big Mistakes To Avoid in Fitness

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Trust me 

mistakes to avoid in fitness

Being a beginner in anything is frustrating

I get it

There is always so much you have to learn

And it starts to get overwhelming.

In fitness it can really be upsetting when you think you’re doing something right just to find out that you’re doing it wrong

And you’ve wasted so much time doing it that way

And now you’ve been set back a month or so from reaching your goals

I made quite a few mistakes in the beginning

I’m not ashamed because I actually learned from them.

 I didn’t really have any guidance aside from the internet

So I literally had to learn everything myself by googling or from experience

I was lucky enough to have a friend I could ask questions occasionally

But most things I had to learn the hard way, unfortunately

For example,

One time I tried to workout after a full day of work and only eating

A banana and a bag of chips

Let me just say that workout did not go as planned at all.

My body did not cooperate 

That gave me actual experience and proof of why nutrition is very important. 

I will talk about this instance a little more in a few.

In your fitness journey you may experience some moments like this yourself

However, I’ve went back and gathered all the big mistakes I made in the beginning so you can try to avoid making them yourself.

  1. Didn’t Eat Healthy

The first mistake I made from the jump was refusing to change my diet

I thought if I just started working out that it would be enough

Mind you

I had a sedentary job

I sat for 8 hours a day

And I thought that I could do that all day, eat whatever I wanted and add in three 30 minute workouts a week

And then I’d lose weight.

I was so WRONG!

And looking back now the workouts weren’t even that much lol

Like, In a way it helped because in that time I was getting more consistent with working out, 

but also during that time I wasn’t doing intense workouts that would actually burn enough calories for me to lose weight considering my lifestyle

So yeah it was great that I was getting more active, but again I was still eating more than I was supposed to, and the calories that I did burn from the exercise wasn’t nearly enough to combat me sitting all day and eating shit.

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It took me a whole month of doing this before I realized that nothing was changing

And that I couldn’t continue to do things that way if I really wanted to lose weight.

So hear me when I say

Don’t go into your journey expecting the weight to fall off if you just throw in some half assed workouts without changing the way you eat

It won’t work

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2. Didn’t Eat Enough

This was my 2nd mistake

You may think its a good idea to either start fasting or cut out one meal a day, or simply have meal replacement shakes everyday.

Food GIF - TheSimpsons Hungry Food GIFs

While that may possibly work for some it is not the healthiest route to take


Especially if you are more active than you were before.

In reference to the example I gave in the beginning,

That day it was arm day and I noticed that I couldn’t really lift 10 lbs that well even though I had been  lifting it for 2 weeks with no problems

I was struggling and I felt very tired.

After awhile I gave up and went home.

As I thought about what could have happened that was when I remembered that I hadn’t given my body enough nutrients that day

So what I decided to do was put it to the test

The next day I made sure I had all of my meals and I planned to do the exact same workout

And I literally proved my theory, that I felt so terribly the day before because I didn’t eat enough.

On the test day I felt great and I completed my workout with ease

I have not made that mistake again, and I also have not ever felt that way again because I make sure I eat enough on the days I exercise

Not only can not eating enough do that to you, it can also drive your body into starvation mode

this is when your body will begin to preserve energy because it isn’t getting enough, and in turn your weight loss will slow down.

So to reiterate not eating enough can make you feel exhausted, interfere with your performance, and/or drive your body into starvation mode.

All things that are not good for weight loss!

3. Weighed Myself Everyday


so in my post Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

I give some info about the downfalls of the scale

Unfortunately I was one of those people who weighed myself everyday 

Which is why I felt qualified enough to discuss that topic in a whole post

I literally weighed myself every…. single… day…

And 3 times a day 🙃

And guys that is not something you want to get into the habit of.

don’t be fooled like I was.. it was only water weight. lol

Two reasons I point out in Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

Are insecurities and reliability

I can honestly say that from weighing myself everyday it actually made me feel worse about myself to see the numbers on the scale go up after I thought that I was doing a good job

And it was likely just water weight, but at the time I didn’t care about that

All I wanted was the scale to go down

The only information that I think was useful from doing that was learning that my body weight increased during ovulation, and also that my body weight typically varied by about 3-5 pounds a day depending on how much food and water I’ve had. 

I mean I guess that’s good information, but I don’t think it was worth the mind games I was putting myself through

Don’t become a victim of the scale. 

Use the other methods that I talk about here to measure your progress.

4. Didn’t Move Enough

I mentioned earlier that I used to workout 3 times a week for about 30 minutes, and during the day I’d be sitting at work for 8+ hours

This was actually another mistake that I made

It is very hard to lose weight with a sedentary lifestyle.

I ended up having to make myself move more at work, because the 30 minutes just wasn’t enough for the amount of time I spent in a chair during the day.

And if you think about it I spent 8 hours in bed at night sleeping then 8 hours sitting at work

So that’s 16 hours total of barely any moving

And I expected 30 minutes of not even intense work to be sufficient for me to lose weight

for about a month I kept that up, and I wasn’t really noticing any progress.

If you have an office job or work from home where you sit for most of the time

Some things you can try is to walk around the office every 30 minutes to an hour

 or you could do some chair workouts

Aerobics Exercise Silhouette - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

I actually started bringing a resistance band, that I got here, and would do some arm and leg workouts while I worked to keep myself moving.

Once I started doing that and eating correctly, my body definitely started changing.

5. Bought Waist Trainers

There is a huge misconception about waist trainers

And even I believed that they got rid of belly fat at one point


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Lots of people think that too, and they also think that the more you sweat means the more fat you burn

so they buy waist trainers for those reasons

Thinking that they are getting rid of belly fat 

But they aren’t

Not because of the waist trainer anyway

As I’ve mentioned before the only thing that gets rid of belly fat is a caloric deficit

Excess sweating, at most, only dehydrates your body, so the decrease in weight that you may see afterwards is only water weight

And trust me IT WILL COME BACK!

I bought 2 waist trainers before I started my fitness journey thinking that 

1. If I wore it all day my stomach would get flatter 


2. If I wore it while I worked out my stomach would get flatter faster than if I didn’t wear it

And again guys, that’s not how it works.

Losing belly fat is strongly dependent on your nutrition, and the amount of exercise you get in.

So if you do buy a waist trainer, or have one don’t use it with the hopes that it’s going to get rid of your belly fat fast

honestly I don’t recommend you use one at all

I haven’t used one in over a year and I still lost 6 inches around my waist

These are actually some pretty common mistakes that many people make in the beginning of their journeys too.

I’m sure you may have done one or two of these things yourself.

That’s okay!

It can be avoided in the future!!

So take it from me and do not make or continue to make the same mistakes I did!

Have you done any of these things?

What was your experience?




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