5 Self Care Ideas & Self Love Affirmations

Sometimes you have to be selfish.

Sometimes you have to tell other people no, or to leave you alone, or that you don’t have the mental ability to deal with them right now.

That is self care.

It can be hard especially for someone like me who has a history of people pleasing.

All I’ve ever wanted was for others to be happy and to keep the peace, so most times I sacrifice my needs, or don’t speak up on my feelings to do that.

But, what I’ve been learning over the past year is that my happiness matters, and I am the only one who is responsible for making and keeping myself happy.

So I had to figure out ways to do that.

A friend of mine once told me “if they’re mad at you, make them madder”

I don’t see myself doing that lol but I know for sure that I plan to put myself first from here on out, so if that makes someone mad, there’s nothing I can do about that anymore.

If you can relate to this then take a look below at some self care ideas and self love affirmations that you can try for yourself.

Clean Your Space

Being someone who suffers with depression and anxiety I can sometimes feel too overwhelmed to clean.

For depressed and anxious people that is real TASK.

It’s not that we want a messy place, it’s just a mental thing that is hard to fight.

However, I have noticed that I feel amazing when my place is freshly cleaned, laundry is all done and everything is put away where it is supposed to be.

So if you don’t have a lot of money to go out, or you just don’t want to go out, try cleaning up your place, burn a candle and then relax with a big glass of wine or a book.

Go on A Solo Vacay

Are you a beach lover?

Mountain lover?

Or maybe you just like the feel of staying in a hotel?

Whatever the case, go on a vacation!

EVERYBODY deserves a getaway every now and then,

Don’t feel bad about the money, or leaving others behind.

Sometimes you really just need to get up and do it without consulting anybody, without worrying about the future or the consequences.

Last year I took a trip to Dallas, TX by myself

I was short on funds at the time, and I had never done anything like that before. But I needed a change of scenery. I needed to get away.

and I had an amazing time.

I took a walk by a lake, watched movies in my airbnb, went to the zoo, and went to a mall.

I felt so free and worry-less. 

Solo trips may sound a bit scary but the trick is to not act like a tourist. Just act like you’ve live there your whole life and you’ll feel more at ease. 

Check out my first solo vacay to Dallas, TX below!

Exercise and Eat Healthy

This wouldn’t be an Evolve With Eish post if I didn’t tell you to do this!

Taking care of your body is the BEST form of self care.

We all want to be healthy right?

Get in the gym, take a class, or do an at home workout.

Make some healthy meals, and pay attention to your calorie intake.

Over time you’ll start to feel more energized, and even more happy.

Explore Nature

By far my favorite act of self care.

nature, beauty, Morgan Falls Dam
Morgan Falls Dam – Sandy Springs, GA

Nature is so beautiful.

Some times when I feel down walking through a scenic area can ease my mind.

Maybe go for a hike, go to the beach, or walk/drive down a new road in your neighborhood.

Pay attention to how the breeze feels, and how the animals behave, how the water sounds, and most importantly how you feel in the moment..

Remind yourself that this earth is what we come from, and it’s amazing just like you!

Self Love Affirmations

Tell yourself those things that you wish someone else would say to you.

Chances are that if you’re hoping someone else notices those things about you, then what you are thinking of yourself is true.

So tell yourself that!

And let your actions show it too.

Some of mine are:

I am a good person

I deserve the things I want

I accept myself for who I am

I am proud of the woman I am becoming

I am doing my best

What is for me will come to me when it’s the right time.

self care ideas

Be selfish and put yourself first for a change.

Do what your need to do to evolve into the person that you want to be!




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