A Beginner’s Guide to Working Out From Home

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Don’t let all the gym hype fool you.

It is very much possible to get fit in your house.

You may be wondering how people stay committed to that though considering their bed is literally like right there lol

But with the right tools anyone can do it, even you and me

I actually started my journey from home.

In the beginning I was too afraid to go to the gym because I didn’t know what to do and thought everyone would stare at me

Over time I’ve learned that most people In the gym really don’t give a fuck about you and they are in their own world, but that’s a topic for another post.


As a beginner you may feel that way as well about gyms, or considering we are in a pandemic, you may just not have access to a gym at the moment.

You could also be someone who can’t afford to pay for a gym membership every month, which is completely understandable

Regardless of what your reason is for not using a gym there is still hope.

You can reach your fitness goals with at home workouts!

Lets first talk about a few pros and cons of working out at home, and then we will dive into how you can have a successful fitness journey from home!


Don’t have to travel

By working out at home you save time, gas and money from not having to travel to a gym. 

Most people live about 10+ minutes away from their gym of choice, so that extra time can be used to either start your workout earlier, or added onto your workout time.

There were times for me where I skipped a workout altogether all because I didn’t feel like driving to the gym, and walking or running to it wasn’t an option.

So by already committing to at home workouts you won’t have to worry about that.

Honestly, in times like those I could have chosen to workout at home instead, but I didn’t

(Don’t be like me, lol)


As I mentioned above a lot of people fear going to the gym because they think people are going to stare or pick at them.

Working out at home gives you your privacy, so you don’t have to feel insecure about yourself.

As a beginner you’re constantly learning and when you start trying new exercises you may not always do them correctly.

I’ve been there many many times.

So, it definitely can ease your mind knowing that you can take your time without someone else waiting on you or laughing behind your back.

Less Expensive

Home based workout programs usually are a one time price, depending on whose you buy.

I’ve even seen some that are monthly for only like $10 a month which is way cheaper than a gym membership.

You will definitely save yourself some money this way, so If money is tight working out at home will be perfect for you

You Can Get Awesome Results

Now some people believe that you don’t get good results from at home workouts.

That really isn’t true.

But it is highly dependent on the effort you put forth In your workouts and also in your diet.

You will still make progress if you do things according to your plan.

So, don’t go into it with the belief that since you aren’t in a gym you won’t reach your goals,

Because you can go to a gym all day and not reach your goals if you aren’t putting forth enough effort.

It’s solely up to you.


Less access to equipment

Most people don’t just have a treadmill laying around, or a bunch of dumbbells

Especially not beginners in fitness.

Not having access to equipment can be a pretty big con for some people more specifically for people who are trying to gain weight

For them, they need to do more weight lifting so unless they purchase weights for their house they will likely have some trouble with reaching their goals from home.

For people who are more focused on losing weight, it is still possible to lose without equipment. 

It’ll be important to find a good program that is fun and intense though, that doesn’t require equipment

Unless that person plans to purchase some

Which is always an option.

Lack of Motivation

If you thought getting motivated to workout was hard

Let me tell you

Sometimes it can be even harder to get motivated when you plan to workout from home.

I know some people who get motivated from watching others at the gym workout, so for someone like that it may be tough

However, don’t let this discourage you. 

You can beat this.

Below you will see a section about motivation, so scroll on down to it if motivation is something you think you’ll need help with 


I can relate to this sooo much

Working out at home sometimes Is just boring as hell

I really don’t even have anything else to say about this.

Like It seriously can become a chore

but don’t doubt me

I definitely have some things you can try to “unbore” yourself

 just keep reading!


How to Stay Committed To Your Fitness Journey From Home

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Make A Schedule

It doesn’t matter what kind of workouts you plan to do, gym or home

Making a schedule is critical!

Take an hour or so one day out of the week and sit down and write down your schedule including everything that you know you have to do for the week

Once you know all of that you will be able to see where you can fit in your workout.

Pencil In your workouts in the times that you can for each day of the week.

It doesn’t have to be the same time everyday if your schedule doesn’t allow it.

Hear me when I say this

If you don’t have a plan when working out at home


Not having a set plan is trap.

Don’t fall in it.

Think about it, do you really think that if you randomly say one day “I’m gonna do my workout when I get home after work”

That you will actually stick to it?

Maybe for the first day or two, but long term you will most likely fall off

So make a schedule!

It will do more good than bad.

Getting Motivated and Beating Boredom


I think I’ve said the word motivation a million times over the past year

We all struggle with this every now and then, some more than others

That’s okay, just gotta learn what motivates you.

For at home workouts here are some things I’ve done to motivate myself and “unbore” myself that may help you too

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Write Things Down

If you are someone who likes writing or manifesting

Writing this stuff down will help you

You can write down quotes that motivate you, your goals, and how you plan to accomplish them

You can write these things on sticky notes and leave them round your house or in your car or on your desk at work

so you’ll always have constant motivation wherever you go

Join Groups

Joining a group can help a ton.

You could join Facebook groups, groups on meetup. com, some people even do iPhone  or Apple Watch groups 

Make sure that they are fitness related, though

In these groups you’ll be connected with other people who are doing the same thing as you, and you may even find some accountability partners to workout with you from home or on zoom.

It always helps to surround yourself with likeminded people when you have goals to reach.

You’ll be meeting new people which will keep you excited and possibly open future doors for you.

Go outside

If its warm out and you aren’t feeling up for a workout in the moment

Take your workout outside!

Grab a jumprope, or bring your computer out there to watch your program

Go workout in the park, or go for a swim or a hike.

Being in nature, feeling the sun, and seeing other people out and about may be the boost you need to get it in!

vision board

Find fun programs

I’ve done some extremely boring programs

I’ve even done one where the lady’s voice was super annoying and I couldn’t stick with it because of her. Lmao!!

So don’t just be buying anybody’s program now

Find someone you like, who has a program that is challenging, fun, and exciting.

The program should have you looking forward to the next workout because it’s either that fun, it challenged you in a way that you liked, or you were given access to a bomb ass accountability group that pushes you.

I’ve listed my faves down below!

Buy new equipment

Over time you’ll need to increase the intensity from just using your body weight with at home workouts

So when you get to the point where you’re bored, and you feel like you’re stuck or if you want to avoid getting to that point

Go ahead and get yourself some new equipment

This could be dumbbells, kettlebells, an elliptical, a barbell set or whatever you want.

I love buying new stuff because it makes me want to workout just so I can use the stuff. 

That right there is motivation lol

Buy cute workout clothes


If you still workout in big t-shirts and pants

Please stop it

stop it right now.


Looking good makes you feel even BETTER

Go find you some cute ass activewear that looks good on you

We don’t all have the same confidence or body types, but there is stuff out there that will look good on you, and make you feel good too.

This is my go to when I am lacking motivation

Because as soon as I look in the mirror at myself in the outfit and see how good I look I just have to put the outfit to work lol

Trust me, 

Looking good and feeling good WORKS!

Here are some of my favorite picks from amazon. Get you some today!

and don’t forget about the shoes if you go outside! My favorite shoe brand is Adidas because of the versatility!

At Home Workout Programs

Here are some of my favorite programs!

Keep Curves Drop Fat

Brittne Babe’s 21 Day Challenge

4 Weeks of The Prep

Stay Down Day Fit Live Stream Classes & Follow Along Workouts

The Fitness Ki

Morgan Dawson’s Live Classes; 1 year membership

10 Amazing At Home Fitness Influencers!

Toning Toni https://www.instagram.com/toningtoni/

Morgan Dawson https://www.instagram.com/morgandawson__/

Capri Curves https://www.instagram.com/capricurves/

Duke https://www.instagram.com/duke/

Chanel Delisser https://www.instagram.com/chaneldelisser/

Brittne https://www.instagram.com/brittnebabe/

Tiara Scoops https://www.instagram.com/tiarascoops/

Mecca https://www.instagram.com/_meccca/

Rudy https://www.instagram.com/rustayfit/

Sumeyya K. https://www.instagram.com/suefit__/


So, this was a lot of information, but I know that you can make it happen!

I would love to hear about how your journey is going, or about your plan to start. 

Talk to me in the comments! 

OH! And everyone who comments will be getting my printable fitness planner for FREE to help you stay on track in your fitness journey!




December 29, 2020 at 12:05 pm

Last year my husband and I did a Bootcamp. Once the pandemic happened, we couldn’t afford it anymore. We plan to work out together at home in the new year. I find that working out with my husband keeps us both accountable and also helps our relationship. Great post with lots of tips that will help us as we figure this out!

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