At Home Workout – Fit Camp!

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Ready to finally start your fitness journey? Let’s go!

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General Information:

Classes will be for 30 minutes – 1hr long each day.

Registration has a ONE TIME fee of $10. You will have access to ALL FOUR DAYS for just $10.

Classes begin at 6pm sharp each day. The session will be open 15 minutes before for stretching, warm up, questions and socializing.

This is a BEGINNER FRIENDLY class!

Only 15 attendees will have the ability to interact with me during class. The remaining will only be able to watch the live stream and follow along. No worries though, if you have a question message me on any social media platform, and I will address it before class is over.

I will be available to answer any questions you may have, or provide resources if I am unable to help.

Recommended Materials:

  • resistance band or booty band
  • 5-10lb dumbbells
  • jumprope

**these materials are not required, but will increase intensity of your workout.

This is a one time event, and I am doing it for fun! I am hoping to help you finally start your fitness journey and stick to it.

I am super excited to workout with you!


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