Cardio Workouts For Beginners

I’ll be honest. Cardio is not my favorite thing to do.

I am not the type of person who likes to run for miles, or jump up and down for a long time.

because of that, I like to try to keep my cardio workouts interesting to prevent me from getting bored and quitting.

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Here are my favorite cardio workouts to do, that I’m sure will be beneficial to you!

Incline Walk – 30 minutes

Hop on a treadmill and get ready to sweat!

For this workout you will walk the entire time, but at an incline.

Set your speed to 2.5 or 3mph, and follow the pattern below.

If you cannot access a treadmill, find a big hill in your neighborhood and walk u and down it for 30 minutes instead.

You’ll get the same benefits!

Jump Rope – 30 minutes

Grab your rope and get jumping!

For this workout you are going to complete each jump for 1 minute, and rest only when you need to.

It may help to count your jumps and aim for a specific number within the time frame.

For 30 minutes cycle through the following:

  • high knees
  • butt kicks
  • one leg
  • double swing
  • in and out
  • freestyle

Elliptical – 45 minutes

Rest as needed during this workout but remember to PUSH yourself! Calories don’t burn themselves!

1 minute slow pace

1 minute moderate pace

1 minute fast pace


Walk/Jog – 30 minutes

Personally I prefer to do this in my neighborhood, because the scenery is much better than staring at a tv screen on a treadmill.

You can do this in whatever environment you prefer, though.

Walk some and run some, and rest as needed for a total of 30 minutes.

To challenge yourself you can aim to reach a mile or more, and push yourself to reach that goal.


This is by far my favorite kind of cardio.

Find yourself a good mountain and climb it!

I burn almost 500 calories in an hour from hiking up and back down the mountain.

This is actually great for your legs too, and the scenery is amazing!

Plan to spend at least an hour doing this.

Know your limits, and listen to your body.

Check out the video below for 6 tips on hiking for beginners.

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