Discipline & Motivation For Fitness

In fitness, here are two things you can’t do

  1. Rely on others to motivate you to go after your goals.
  2. Rely on motivation alone to reach your goals.  

Don’t get me wrong here.

Motivation is important! 

It can get you places. 

But if you are the type of person who NEEDS other people to motivate you otherwise you won’t get up, then you will fail. 

And if you rely only on motivation to reach your goals YOU WILL FAIL!

Most beginners aren’t able to commit to their fitness journey because they simply don’t have motivation for fitness, they don’t know how to get it, and they also assume that everyone else who works out is always motivated to do so(which isn’t the case).

I get it, though.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a walk through the park

I’ve been there, and struggled with it too. 

in all honesty though, motivation is actually the easy part in all of this.. 

discipline and motivation in fitness

Now hear me when I say this, motivation is great to have, and you should definitely find ways to motivate yourself.

However, it is not likely that you will ALWAYS feel motivated in your fitness journey.

For that reason it is important to start learning discipline, which is the hard part.

I can’t even count the amount of workouts I’ve skipped, or didn’t finish because of lack of motivation.

Had I had better discipline It’s likely that I would be much farther in fitness, and closer to my fitness goals than I am now – but as a beginner no one expects you to do everything perfectly by the book –

Discipline is the true key to reaching your fitness goals.

Unfortunately it’s not something that just shows up one morning.

Just like everything else, in order to have better discipline you have work on it. 

That’s exactly what I have been working on myself for the past few weeks, and I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to start.

Take a moment and think about this.

If you have a job, chances are you get up every morning to go to work. 

Some or most of those days you may not feel motivated to work all day, but you still do.


Because the outcome is money in your bank account, which you need to survive.

That’s important to you, so you have disciplined yourself in that area.

Fitness is no different. 

As I said before you won’t be motivated every single step of the way, so try not to start your journey based on motivation alone like I did.

Start it by learning discipline most importantly… and find things that motivate you in addition to that. 

Let’s talk more about what discipline is and how you can use it and motivation to succeed in your fitness journey.



Discipline is the ability to control yourself and your desires and to make yourself work hard without needing anyone else to tell you to do it.

And like everything else, you don’t just wake up one morning with discipline. 

You have to work on it! 

Even I’m still learning myself, and I am almost 2 years into my journey.

For so long I relied on motivation only, and my results showed that.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been practicing disciplining myself.

For example — I’ve been forcing myself to go to the gym when I don’t want to, I say no to outings that involve food that isn’t on my meal plan, and I stopped bringing unhealthy snacks into my home — and the amount of progress I’ve made in 3 weeks happened much quicker than before.

Practicing Discipline

Practicing discipline goes a little beyond just saying no. 

Here are a few tips to help you start practicing discipline.


Prepare In Advance — Never go into anything without a plan. Meal prep and write down your workout schedule. Use this time to prioritize as well. Figure out what is important to you and how you are going to take action in the coming week.

Take Things One Day At A Time — Try not to think about the long term too much. Think about today. What do you need to do today to reach your ultimate goals? What are you struggling with today, and how can you overcome those struggles? (This helps me because instead of thinking about all the things I have to do over the next 3 months all at once I only have to worry about what I am doing today, and things I can control.)

Learn Your Weaknesses — Figure out what things give you a hard time, and steer clear of them. Don’t put yourself in a situation if you know that it may cause you to lose focus.

Learn to Say No — If you are invited out, or you have strong cravings for something start saying no and standing on it. It is only temporary, and once you get where you are trying to get you can have those things again, but for now you need to practice saying no.

Remind Yourself Why — Why are you doing this? Anytime you have to turn something down, or miss out on something remind yourself why you’re doing it and also that it’s only for now, not forever. You current desires can’t outweigh your “why”.

Track Your Progress — Make sure you are taking progress photos & measurements and keeping track of your progress each week. Seeing results is going to be a huge help for you to continue disciplining yourself. (I remember once I was so tempted to get some cookies, but after seeing my progress photos for the week I was more motivated to say no, and stay on track with my plan.)


The google definition for Motivation is : the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

There are different ways to get motivated for fitness and not everything works for everyone. you can read more about it here — How To Get Motivated To Workout

Motivation is what makes some people go hard in the gym some some days and lack of it can be the reason why they don’t on others.

So, definitely learn what things motivate you, but again don’t leave it all up to being motivated.

Use discipline AND motivation to succeed.

Once you learn discipline that is going to be the force to drive you when your motivation is lacking.

And motivation is going to be the force to drive you into beast mode when your discipline starts to pay off.

these things compliment each other, and with both you can and will go far!

Over time after continuously doing these things it will become like second nature to you, just like going to work.

And if things get hard and you do mess up that is okay.

After all, that is what practicing is for. 

You get to make mistakes and start again.

Don’t think that if you miss one day you have to quit…you don’t. Pick up where you left off and keep working.

Discipline is necessary. Motivation is very helpful.

So, start working on these things today and in no time you will be where you want to be. 




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