6 Tips For Working Out In The Winter

You’re not alone if you struggle with staying consistent during the winter months.

It’s actually a pretty common issue.

During the winter months I am the

“once I get home I’m not going back out” type of person,

so I completely understand how it can be hard.

I mean It’s too cold for allat, right?

As you may know I actually started my journey in October, so shortly after I started winter came.

I had to get through those cold months as a beginner.

I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time but looking back now I realize that it was sort of an issue for me too back then.

Back then I had a full time job and it was already a struggle to workout after working, but then I had to do it in the cold too?


It is definitely possible to stay consistent during these times.

Clearly I was able to make It work, and so can you.

It may take a bit more effort than usual, but with these 6 tips I’m sure you can get through winter without falling off track.

1. Wear Layers

Whether working out inside or outside it’s a good idea to wear layers.

Your body is going to start off cold in both instances, but as you get moving you’ll start to warm up.

With layers you’ll be able to remove and add them as you please to keep your body temp comfortable for you.

I like to wear leggings, with a sports bra, a long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie on top.

I also wear tube socks to keep my ankles covered.

By doing this I have the ability to go all the way down to my sports bra if I get too hot, or I can stay in the hoodie if I’m still cold.

2. At Home Workouts

This actually may be the best thing to do if you hate the cold.

You won’t have to worry about being in the cold weather if you do everything from home. Don’t just do any at home workout though.

Do something fun, that will spark your interest, get your heart rate up and keep you excited.

At home workouts can get boring so if you’re doing the same thing every day you may lose the desire to keep going.

I used to go on YouTube and find dance workouts, HIIT workouts and other things to do.

Youtube has literally everything so don’t sleep on it.

Instagram is also a great place to find fun, fat burning at home workouts.

Follow fitness enthusiasts who share their workouts and do those.

Seeing those kinds of people on your timeline will help motivate you too!

If you want recommendations of some that I love send me a message!

3. Go Straight to The Gym After Work

This is extremely helpful in the winter!

If you go home after work or whatever you do before your workout the chances of you not working out increase significantly.

Once you get comfortable on the couch with the tv on and the warmth of your place it’s really hard to get back up and go outside where it’s cold.

If you plan to continue using a gym in the winter bring your gym bag with you to work and just go straight there afterwards!

Even if you have to sit in your car for a moment to gather your mind, still just go.

Sometimes just being there in the parking lot will motivate you to go inside and do something.

If you are the “once I get home I’m not going back out” type of person in the winter too, this is gonna be the best option for you.

4. Try New Things

If you’ve ever wanted to try a pole dancing class, or kick boxing, yoga etc then winter is a good time to actually go for it.

You probably lack motivation during this time, so doing the same old boring stuff is not gonna help you.

Take the class, learn something new, or go for a run if you don’t usually do that.

By switching things up each day or week you’ll keep yourself entertained.

You may even meet some great people.

5. Get an Accountability Partner

It isn’t always easy finding a reliable partner who can help keep you on track, but it may be beneficial to you if you can find one.

Having someone to encourage you, or get on to you when you’re slacking might be the push you need to keep you consistent throughout winter.

Personally I’ve never had an accountability partner, however I do think that if I did things would have been easier for me during that time.

It depends on the kind of person you are though.

If you know that having someone to workout with will motivate you then find that person.

6. Create A Schedule

creating a schedule, weekly planner

I recommend this for all seasons of the year, but if winter is when you struggle most then definitely do this during that time.

First, plan your day from start to finish on paper.

Include you meals, work, workouts, free time etc.

Second, STICK TO IT!

Keep your schedule with you at all times and follow your plan.

Honestly, I suck at following schedules.

I’m not even gonna flex for yall. Lol

But even during times when I don’t follow my schedule word for word I have noticed that just by knowing what I have to do, when I have to do it, and when I have free time to workout I get a lot more done in a day.

Don’t let winter take your summer body!

Staying consistent during the winter is hard for sure but can be done by anyone.

Always keep your goals at the front of your mind no matter what time of the year it is, because that is what is gonna motivate you to get to work when all else has failed.

Don’t let cold weather set you back 4 months.

Use these tips, and get to WERK!

You’ve got this.

What do you struggle with during the winter months? Talk to me in the comments!



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