4 Tips For Taking A Break From Working Out

Seriously, everybody needs a break.

From work, school, exercise, kids.

Do you know that even top athletes and body builders take breaks sometimes?

It’s necessary.

Breaks can prevent injuries, reboot your mind, or simply be for fun.

The break itself is the easy part.

The hard part is getting back into your workouts afterwards.

Here are a few tips for when you need to take a break from working out but don’t want to get off track.

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1. Know Your “Why”

Why are you taking a break? I think it’s a good thing to always know that upfront.

It probably won’t change anything, but you’ll get to know yourself a little better..

Maybe you’re stressed? Tired? Sad? Have an event coming up?

Or you just want to?

Whatever the reason may be acknowledge it.

2. Maintain Your Diet

Throughout this time your diet is going to need to be ON POINT if you don’t want to back track.

Depending on how long your break is, cheat meals are not recommended during this time.

One or two cheat meals likely won’t ruin your progress though, so even if you do slip up don’t beat yourself up about it.

It is a break after all.

If you’re okay with backtracking a little bit then it’s fine to enjoy your favorite foods, but don’t go too crazy.

If not then you’ll want to make sure you are still eating healthy each day.


3. Have A Set Date For Your Return

Know exactly how long this break is going to last, and have a date for when you will begin working out again.

If you don’t do this you are setting yourself up.

Do not allow yourself to fall back into old habits by not knowing when you are gonna start working out again.

In my opinion not having a date or simply a timeline means you aren’t taking a break, you’re quitting.

Think about it.

When you take off from work typically you know exactly when you’re going back, right?

Taking a break from working out should be given the same amount of importance.

Knowing when you plan to return will make it more likely that you won’t give up during the break, and that you actually will start back working out.

You may need to alter your timeline as it gets closer to the time to start back, and that’s okay. Just don’t allow yourself to continue to do that over and over.

Hold yourself accountable.

4. Enjoy Your Time Off

Lastly, and most importantly, ENJOY your break.

Of course you should keep the thoughts of working out in the back of your mind, but this break is not the time to stress about it.

Do what you want to do, and what you need to do to get yourself together.

Have some fun.

If you don’t plan to enjoy your time off then what the hell is you taking a break for?

It better not be to cry, ’cause you can do that in the gym(Kidding).

Some of those workouts really do make me want to cry forreal though. lol.

Again, enjoy it to the fullest.

I truly recommend that everyone take a break from time to time regardless of your fitness level.

It can definitely be a good thing if you follow these tips to stay on track.

Now if you’re going on vacation then I won’t blame you for saying screw all of this and having fun lol.

Worry about fitness when you come home.

But if you are wanting to take a break to get yourself together, or ease your mind definitely keep these tips in mind!

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