Fitness FAQs Of Beginners

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If you have recently wanted to try to start working to lose weight, gain weight, tone up or whatever, you may have found yourself wondering the following questions.

Many people lack fitness motivation and have so many questions about how to get motivated, lose weight, lose belly fat, and more.

As a beginner it is natural for you to be curious and want to know what is in store for your journey.

I know I had a lot of questions myself and some nights I stayed up until past midnight googling them searching for the answers.

Now that I am much farther along in my journey I talk to beginners a lot because they reach out to me with their questions, and I’ve noticed that some are very repetitive.

Here are the top 11 questions of beginners in fitness that I have gotten, answered!

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How can I  lose belly fat?

This is first because it literally is the most common question. 

In short, to lose belly fat you first have to decide to make a lifestyle change.
This means decide that you want to get more active, and feed your body better foods, and that you want to become a better person inside and out, and then actually do it.

Belly fat is really stubborn, and without actually changing your current habits it is almost impossible to completely get rid of it.

Now, you can’t only get rid of belly fat without losing fat in other areas on your body.

Since your body will begin using fat for energy when you start to burn more calories than you take in, the fat will be taken from all over, and unfortunately you do not get to decide where.

You also cannot just start doing ab workouts and expect your belly to shrink from that.

Doing a million crunches will not make your belly fat go away.

You have to actually burn more calories than you eat, which will come from making a lifestyle change.

For more on how to lose belly fat click here.

What do I eat to lose weight?

There is not one specific thing that you must eat to lose weight.

There is a huge variety of things you can eat.

Salads are not the only option.

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I personally still eat junk food, fast food, etc.

I don’t eat it everyday though, and I practice moderation.

Overall my diet is healthy, but I do still have unhealthy things on the side occasionally.

I also pay close attention to the calories and nutrients in the foods I consume.

What is important with food and losing weight is knowing how many calories you should be eating in a day so that you don’t go over that amount.

By doing that and exercising you will be in a caloric deficit and you will lose weight. 

Different foods have different amounts of calories and nutrients so pay close attention to nutrition labels on everything you eat to make sure you are eating a balanced diet. 

Read more about healthy eating here!

How long does it take to see results?

This is completely dependent on the person.

Some people lose weight quicker than others.

For example, larger people lose weight faster than smaller people.

This is because their bodies burn more calories, because they are simply bigger. 

Larger bodies require more calories in, and burn more calories than smaller bodies do.

Me being 5ft… I hate that and im quite jealous actually. Lol

So again it depends on your body size, and also how much effort you put forth.

You can begin to see weight loss within a week if you do everything correctly.

For some it may take 2-3 weeks to start seeing results.

No matter how long it takes try not to get discouraged, and just keep working hard, learning, and challenging yourself.

The results will come if you keep going, but they won’t if you stop

Will I lose my butt?

This is another question that just depends.

It depends on genetics, the kind of training you do, and the foods you eat.

Some people’s bodies hold onto fat in the booty area longer than other’s bodies, so it’s impossible to know for sure if yours will or not.

I’m one of the unlucky ones whose body got rid of booty fat quickly, and I’m still upset about it lol but it’s all good.

If you do begin to notice your booty get smaller you can always incorporate more glute work into your routine to strengthen them, which will tone your booty and overtime it will grow as well, only this time it will be lean muscle mass instead of fat.

Will I look like a man if I lift weights?


Female and male bodies are genetically different, and they grow differently when muscle is built.

You do not have to worry about looking mannish unless you just do extreme heavy lifting for years and years, or you naturally have a more masculine build, or you start taking steroids or something lol

If you look at many of the female fitness influencers on social media you’ll see that most of them look very feminine, and curvy and they lift weights regularly.

So, don’t worry about that if you want to lift.

Go ahead and do it!

How do I get motivated to workout?

Getting motivated can be done in many ways.

It depends on what gets YOU going, though.

Different things work for different people.

My favorite thing to do that gets me motivated to workout is throwing on a cute ass outfit and dancing in the mirror.

When they say looking good makes you feel good they were right. Lol

That could work for you, or maybe repeating motivational quotes could help you.

Only you can determine what works for you.

Here’s a post I wrote that is dedicated to motivation, and some things you can try to motivate yourself today. Check it out!

What kind of exercises should I do?

The kind of exercises you should do will depend on your goals.

I recommend that anyone who is trying to lose weight, do strength training(lifting weights/resistance exercises) and some cardio.

A good schedule would be 4-5 days of strength training and 2-3 days of cardio a week

For cardio you can do anything from kickboxing down to rollerskating.

Anything that gets you consistently moving for 20+ minutes

If you are someone who is trying to gain weight, you would benefit better from heavy lifting.

How long do I have to workout?

A good amount of time to start with as a beginner is about 30 minutes, in my opinion.

It will help you get into the groove of things without having to dedicate a huge block of time.

That can be intimidating for a beginner, so it’s best to work your way up.

You gotta make sure you are continuously challenging yourself, and trying to improve too.

This question also will depend on the kind of workout you will be doing.

For example if you do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you would only need to do that for about 20 minutes, if done correctly.

Whereas if you do something like walking, the longer the better.

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You could also base your workouts on the amount of calories you burn.

I actually do that quite often. My goal is usually 300-500 calories per workout.

By using a Fitbit, which you can get here, you’ll be able to see exactly how many calories you burn during your workout, and you can either stop when you reach your goal or keep going, without worrying about the amount of time you spend doing it. 

How can I lose weight if I don’t have enough time to workout?

There are mothers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and doctors that have found time to workout.

You will do what you make a priority in your life.

You will find the time if you truly want to lose weight.

My advice to you would be to sit down and write out your full schedule for the week including work, errands, picking up the kids, etc and find when you have time to workout, OR find something that you can replace in your schedule with a workout.

Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices for things that are more important to you. 

So decide what is more important and then make adjustment where you can.

How often should I workout?

I recommend that beginners start their first few weeks with 3 days per week to workout, and then increase as needed.

Reason being because it can be hard as a beginner to suddenly have to dedicate 4+ days to doing something you aren’t used to doing, and probably don’t really like doing.

The 3 days will help you get more consistent and  it will also be just enough days to make sure you are getting in enough exercise for the week to still lose weight if your diet is in check.

You are more than welcome to start off with more if you want, or if you already do workout for more than 3 days continue to do so.

Do what works for you, but 3 days should be the minimum.

Do I have to workout in the morning?


I don’t care how many fitness people you see up at the buttcrack of dawn working out.

If working out in the morning doesn’t fit your schedule or hell you just don’t wanna wake up then that’s cool.

Workout at whatever time you want to.

You will still make progress.

The time you workout is not as important as the workout itself.

Just make sure that you workout!

In the beginning of my journey I worked out around 6,7 or 8 pm. 

It varied every day. 

Sometimes I was literally in the gym by myself because it was so late, but the important part was that I got the workout in.

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So, have you found yourself asking one or more of these frequently asked questions before?

How has your outlook been changed after reading this, if it has?

Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments!



December 26, 2020 at 1:48 pm

I have struggled with this recently. I was in a good routine until quarantine. Now, I’ve been a sloth and eating like crap since March. My husband cuts one thing out of his diet and loses 10 pounds, while I work my butt off and don’t lose anything. It can be discouraging. I need to focus on one thing at a time and only look to my own results.

    December 26, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    I definitely understand how that is! I’m very short, so I have to work my butt off extra hard to lose weight. And the quarantine doesn’t help at all! lol I know you can get back into a routine though. Take things one day at a time. You got this!

February 16, 2021 at 8:53 pm

To lose belly fat , it is necessary a change of habits , a change of minds. I agree with you 100%

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