2 Full Body Workouts For Beginners

Ready for a bomb Full Body day? Let’s get it!

While I love my lower body days, I must say full body days are a close second.

Full body workouts target muscles all over your body, as opposed to just one area.

These kind of workouts are great for building strength all over, and for burning tons of calories!

This workout is gym based! For at home workouts visit the “At Home Workouts” Page.

remember to rest when you need to, but do not cheat yourself! Try to keep your rests between 30 seconds to a minute between each set. Listen to your body, and if you start to feel lightheaded or nauseous STOP.

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Workout 1

Warm Up ( read more about the importance of a warm up here)

500 Jump Ropes

if you do not have a jump rope walk/jog for 10 minutes.

Barbell Squats3 x 10

While this may seem like just a lower body exercise it is actually a GREAT full body exercise. Think about it, you have to use your entire body to lift the weight up, not just your legs.

Place the empty barbell on the back of your shoulders. This means do not add any weight, just use the barbell by itself.

*If you are moving past the beginner stage you can begin to add light weight. keep in mind that if your form is breaking, your weight is too heavy. Start light and work your way up. You’ll know it’s time to increase weight when it feels too easy.

Squat as low as you can without breaking form.

Come back up and repeat for 10 reps.

Medicine Ball Squat and Toss4 sets of 45 seconds

Stand near an empty wall holding a medicine ball that is not too heavy, but also not too light. Pick the one that is most comfortable for you, but still heavy enough to add challenge.

Hold the medicine ball at your chest, and squat.

Stand up from your squat and toss the ball in the air towards the wall.

Catch the ball and immediately go back into a squat.

Do this as many times as you can for 45 seconds.

Romanian Deadlift to Bent Over Row3 x 10

For this exercise you will need an EZ bar. Pick a weight that is challenging but light enough for you to perform the exercise with proper form.

Using the Z bar, hold it both hands in front of you shoulder width apart.

Hinge your hips and bend forward until the bar is almost touching your feet.

Your knees should slightly bend.

While bent over pause and then pull the bar towards your chest. This is called a bent over row. This exercise works your back and arm muscles.

Lower the weight back down, and then use your legs to stand up.

Squeeze your glutes, and repeat for 10 reps.

Burpee, Pushup3 x 30 seconds

Everyone knows how to do burpees!

Starting from a standing position bend over and put your hands on the floor.

Jump your legs back.

While in the plank position do one pushup.

bring your legs back to your arms and then stand up.

If jumping back is too hard for you, you can modify it by just stepping back one leg at a time.

Do your best on the pushups. Don’t give up just because it may be hard. TRY and PUSH Yourself!

Goblet Squat to Upright Row3 x 10

Grab a kettle bell and hold it by the handle with both hands up at your chest.

Spread your legs to shoulder width.

Squat down as low as you can without breaking form. The kettle bell should still be at your chest.

Stand from your squat and then lower the kettle bell down to your legs. Pull the kettle bell back up and then repeat from the squat. Use the video as a guide.

Workout 2

Warm Up ( read more about the importance of a warm up here)

500 Jump Ropes

if you do not have a jump rope walk/jog for 10 minutes.

Kettle Bell Swings4 x 45 seconds

Hold a kettlebell by the handle in both hands in front of your body with your legs spread shoulder width apart.

Swing your hips forward. This movement should lift the kettlebell up.

As the kettle bell comes back towards your body bend over and allow the kettlebell to go between your legs.

Swing your hips forward again, standing straight up and squeezing your glutes and core. Allow the kettle bell to swing up again.

Do as many as you can for 45 seconds.

Landmine, Reverse Lunge  to Press3 x 10 each leg

A landmine is simply a bar bell that has one end stuck to the floor. the other end is free and can move around in any direction.

For this exercise you will hold the landmine in one hand at your chest. Do not add weight until you are confident that you are doing the exercise correctly.

Step into a reverse lunge while holding it, and come back to starting point.

Using the arm you are holding the landmine with, push the landmine up until your arm is straight.

Bring the landmine back to your chest and repeat.

Assisted Pull Ups3 x 10

Use the assisted pull up machine, and start with a high weight.

The higher the weight is on the machine, the more it assists you, and vice verse.

Do a few warm up sets at different weights to find out which weight helps you but also allows you to challenge yourself.

try to aim for 10 pull-ups. If you cannot do 10 increase the weight on the machine until you can. If you can do more than 10 decrease the weight on the machine.

Elevated Heels, Goblet Squat3 x 10

Place a 25lb plate on the floor.

Grab a dumbbell or a kettle bell. Start with light weight until your form is perfected.

Stand in front of the plate, and then lift your heels only onto the plate.

Your toes should still be touching the floor.

Pick up the weight and hold it at your chest.

do a goblet squat (see video).

repeat for 10 reps.

remember not to pick a weight that is too heavy. As a beginner you can start anywhere from 10-20 pounds until your body gets stronger.

Pushups3 x 10

These workouts are not meant to be easy! You will sweat. you will feel a burn.

As a beginner that is normal, but please pay attention to your body. Don’t cheat yourself. Learn recognize when you truly cannot do anymore vs when you just don’t want to..

If you are wanting to lose weight you have to put forth your best effort. Do what you can, rest as much as you need to but keep pushing!

Let me know how you did!

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