How To Enjoy Your Favorite Foods And Lose Weight

It’s not impossible.

Let me start by saying that.

I am a prime example that it is possible,

Because if you’re thinking I ate only healthy foods  for months straight with no late night snacking, no cookies, or no alcohol you crazy as hell. 

I had it all.

You’re probably thinking “how did you lose weight then if you didn’t change your diet?”

And let me correct you if you are 

I did change my diet

I did eat healthy, but still had junk food too.

I also still lost 14 pounds of fat


As I always say..

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Eat Healthy Regularly

For some reason we have it BACKWARDS!!

Why is it so normal for us to eat like crap 6 days a week and then try to throw in a salad every now and then?

Have you ever thought about that?

It shouldn’t be that way. 

It should be the exact opposite actually.

I understand that society is very work focused, and people don’t have much time because they are always so busy.

Personally I think the system is fucked up, but we ain’t talking about that right now.


I changed my diet to the point where at least 5 days a week I eat healthy meals 3x a day.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t have some chocolate on one of those days, because sometimes i do.

It also doesn’t mean that I went crazy for the last 2 days of the week.

even though occasionally I did lol

What I’m saying is that I got to a point where my diet was no longer unhealthy overall. That is the important word here.

It became healthy overall with unhealthy things here and there.

If you eat healthy normally, and then decide that you want to pig out on Oreos and Hennessy you really don’t have to worry too much about gaining weight after or messing up your progress. 

You might feel like shit, but hey…..

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Let me put it like this…

If a person eats badly most days, and then throws in one healthy meal 

That healthy meal aint gonna do a damn thing!

It’s not going to make any difference, whatsoever. 


Because that person regularly doesn’t eat healthy foods, so one meal isn’t going to be enough to make a difference.

That person still eats more calories than necessary, so one healthy meal isn’t enough to decrease their total calories taken in to less than their total calories burned for the week.

So no weight will be lost.

It’s the exact same logic for eating healthy regularly, just vice versa.

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This is the reason why I try to encourage people to get their diets under control, and to eat good foods more than they eat bad foods.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilty about it or worrying about what it’s going to do to your belly?

This leads me to moderation.

Eat in Moderation

An easy example of moderation would be….. when you limit the amount of Oreos you eat to one serving a week. (2nd Oreo reference…I just love cookies lol)

According to google the definition of moderation is “the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in ones behavior or political opinions.”

Most people don’t take moderation into consideration these days in regards to food.

And sometimes it’s not always that persons fault.

I know in my family we were raised to finish our plates.

Leaving the table was not an option if all of our food wasn’t gone.

considering my family didn’t pay attention to serving sizes back then we likely were eating more than we were supposed to.

It happens a lot in many families. 

It’s cool to be fed and full, but overeating is a big problem.

And that’s why people gain weight. 

That’s why obesity is at an all time high.

No matter what you eat or drink, it is always important to have it in moderation.
Did you know that even drinking too much water in a short time period can kill you?

Like, yeah….

It’s crazy right? 

With everything, there is a certain amount that is recommended and you should be mindful of it before you consume it.

Always pay attention to how much you are taking in.

Pay attention to serving sizes.

Stop eating when you get full.

Don’t fill your plate to the max.

Use a calorie calculator to determine how many calories you should be eating.

Limit your sweets, processed and fast foods, to once a week or once every two weeks.

And eat healthier options at home more often and those unhealthy options less often.

If you start having those things you love so much in moderation, eat healthy regularly, and get more active you will definitely lose weight without having to give those things up completely.

You don’t have to stop eating your chicken nuggets forever. Just stop eating them everyday.


Exercise is going to play a role as well of course.

Now I know you have a lot going on and can’t exercise for 3 hours a day.

You don’t have to.

Even I refuse to do that 

not because I’m busy but because I’m just not doing it lol

That is tew much 😅

Exercising more than you already do, though, could give you room to enjoy a little more of the foods you like because you’d burn those extra calories off.

So that could be an option for you.

how to get motivated to workout

Now I don’t recommend anyone to continue to make unhealthy food choices on a regular basis just because they exercise a lot.

Let me say that again.

I don’t recommend anyone to continue to make unhealthy food choices on a regular basis just because they exercise a lot.

I really would appreciate it if everyone to tried to eat healthy more often.

there are some people out there who work out a lot to keep themselves from getting fat because they know that they eat too much, and that their food choices aren’t the best.

Again I don’t recommend you take that route, because bad foods aren’t bad only because of their calorie counts. 

Some of them are bad because of their sodium content, or too much sugar or because they contain added substances that aren’t good for your body.

So even if you are burning those calories off from exercising more you could be causing other kinds of harm to your body from some of the things that food contained.

You have to think about things like that in your journey.

I highly recommend that you work on eating healthier & in moderation and exercise

rather than just eating less calories but still unhealthy foods while exercising even more than usual.

It will be much more beneficial to your body.

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So, what I want you to take from all of this is that it’s okay to enjoy your favorite foods every now and then,

but to lose weight you should get into the habit of having them less often,

Eating healthy meals and snacks more often,

Being mindful of how much you are consuming,

And exercising.

That’s exactly what I did myself.

That is how the weight will come off without you having to give all the good stuff up for a long period of time..

Comment below your favorite foods to indulge in!

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