How To Get Motivated To Workout

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One thing that beginners seem to struggle with a lot is motivation.

How to get motivated to workout is one of the most common questions I get.

“Ieisha how do you stay motivated? How can I get motivated to workout?”

With motivation there is no one size fits all.

Different things work for different people.

It’s up to you to figure out what things work for you

After all, this is your journey, your body and your health.

You can’t rely on anyone else to motivate you or encourage you to go after your own goals

I mean it’s definitely great to have that support, but if you rely on only that

You’ll never reach your goals.

It took me over a year to finally realize that myself.

I used to always post on social media “looking for a workout partner”

Or i’d wait until my roommates were free and try to workout with them.

The problem with that is when I didn’t have anyone around or when no one agreed to be my partner, which happened more often than it didn’t, I wouldn’t workout.

So how was I going to reach my goals if most days I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do all because I relied on other people to workout with me, and motivate me?

I didn’t. that’s why I failed so many times.

It wasn’t until I decided that I had to motivate myself when my journey really began and I started making progress

I had to find ways to motivate myself that didn’t revolve around someone else.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy working out with others now, and would love to have a partner,

But truth is I would not be where I am today if I continued to wait for someone to come save me and tell me what to do.

So, I’ve come up with a list of some things that I did to motivate myself and some others that I didn’t actually do myself but I still think may be helpful to other people

let’s get into it.

Set Short Term Goals


So we all have that ultimate goal that we want to reach

Whether it be to lose 30 pounds, or build muscle

However, the ultimate goal is not going to be reached over night

So to help yourself stay motivated to actually reach the ultimate goal

Start by setting short term goals

You can do weekly, monthly, hell even daily goals if you want.

Whatever works for you.

For me, I liked to set monthly goals.

I was losing weight at a very slow pace, because my diet wasn’t perfect

And I wasn’t really trying to rush

I lost about 1 pound a month on average and that was okay for me at the time

But by setting this goal each month and reaching it every month it assured me that I was still on track towards reaching my ultimate goal of 125 pounds

And that what I was doing was working.

There isn’t much that feels better than accomplishing something you set out to do

And that happiness that you feel afterwards is going to be what will motivate you to reach the next short term goal and the next

And before you know it you’ll be at your REAL goal

Chicken Chicken Bro GIF - Chicken ChickenBro Football GIFs


Now I truly think rewards are suuuuper important

We are human


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I don’t care who you are, I know that there is something out there that you love 

This actually ties a little into my first tip too

When you reach those short term goals that you set, give yourself praise

Give yourself a reward

Buy something nice

Take a day off

Have a cheat meal!

Whatever will make you happy in that moment because you deserve it for the hard work you’ve put in

My favorite reward to give myself was always an Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen lol

Them thaaaangs smack y’all 

If you know you know


In this time don’t feel guilty

Don’t downplay your progress

Reward yourself, and then get back on track so you can accomplish your next short term goal.


music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything


I LOVE me some trap music lol

I honestly cannot workout to anything else because it won’t get me in the right mood.

Music has been proven to help a ton with motivation

There have actually been studies done that show that listening to music releases dopamine in the brain.

Here’s a great article about how music can help with your workouts and motivation..

Even without statistics I can personally tell you that music has helped me

There were times where I didn’t want to go workout

But I turned my trap music on in the car and after a few songs I was ready to work.

So whenever you aren’t feeling up for a workout turn on some good music that you like, dance a lil bit

And then start your workout

Keep the music going while you workout to help you stay pumped up

This may not work every time you lack motivation, and that’s okay and perfectly normal!

if that does happen try something else!

Accountability Partners

please don’t try this at home if you know you can’t do it lol

I know I said at the top that you shouldn’t rely on others to motivate you

But hear me out

Having a partner — a reliable partner — can help a bunch

Don’t go out there and find just anybody now

Everybody aint as serious about reaching goals as you are

Let me tell you

I would have been a TERRIBLE partner before I actually got serious about my goals lol

I would have been the one saying

“Oh not today I broke my leg”

Knowing I was perfectly fine and just laying in the bed watching tv lol

So please don’t pick anybody like the old me 

choose wisely

Like I said it needs to be someone reliable

Someone who has already been in the game, or someone who is deadass serious about working out and reaching goals.

Now to reiterate what I said in the beginning

It is not a good idea to rely solely on your partner to motivate you

They may not always be available

sometimes life may just be hard for them at the moment and they can’t be there for you 

Hell, sometimes they may just not want to

They have that right.

And if they’re your only motivational source you’ll be stuck

So if you get or have a partner make sure you have other ways to motivate yourself too for when that person isn’t around

Nice Outfits

squats at planet fitness on smith's machine
me about to squat in a pair of my favorite shorts. doesn’t the booty look amazing?

I’m not gonna say this is my favorite tip but…

This is my favorite tip…

I LOOOVEEEE workout clothes y’all


It is such a great feeling when you put on a nice outfit and look at how bomb you look in the mirror

Turn around and the booty is popping!!!

The outfit is hugging you in all the right places

Even if you’re a man this could help

Looking good makes people feel good

There have been plenty of days where all I did was put on a cute ass outfit and boom 

Instantly motivated. lol

And the entire time I workout I’ll stare at myself in the mirror

now don’t think that just because you may be a little bigger, or smaller that you can’t wear cute activewear 

It’s made in all sizes these days

leg press, leopard jumpsuit

Oversized t-shirts are not the only option anymore!!!

Get you some jumpsuits, or matching sets

And get that confidence on 10.

My favorite outfits and shoes all come from Amazon, Adidas, Converse, Vans and SheIn.

I actually have hand picked some of my favorite outfits from amazon, including the bomb leopard print jumpsuit in the photo, so check them out here!

*sorry to the men. I am a 5’0” woman. I can’t fit mens clothes so I can’t give any honest recommendations for you guys 😣*

Quotes and Mantras

health and fitness ebook, abundance

Have you ever tried writing down quotes on sticky notes and leaving them around your house

or in a notepad?

If not, give it a try

My phone’s notepad is full of motivational quotes, and messages that I refer back to when I need to pick myself up

Mantras are helpful too if you are someone who meditates.

A mantra can be any phrase or sound that keeps your mind focused

So, I guess even if you don’t meditate saying a specific phrase to yourself throughout the day could be helpful to you also.

I have not actually used any mantras myself, but I think it could be helpful so I plan to try it one of these days.

I have an ebook (see image) that has many quotes and mantras related to fitness and you can get it now for $5.99 right here!

Motivational Quote Business - Free image on Pixabay

so as you can see there are plenty of ways to motivate yourself

Even more than what I’ve listed here

Find out what works for you and run with it!

You have goals to reach honey!

Remember if you really want it you will do whatever it takes to get it

No matter what it is

Don’t allow lack of motivation to keep you from having what you’ve always wanted

Work through it and get moving!

Let’s Chat! Do you feel like you can get motivated to workout now? Which of these tips do you plan to try?



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