I Don’t Like Working Out. How Can I Lose Weight? — Here’s How

Too often we see fitness models or trainers sharing their workout videos, and their feelings about how working out brings them peace or joy or whatever.

I am a fitness enthusiast and a health coach, and I share workout videos sometimes too, but let me tell you..

I don’t really like working out.

Working out isn’t therapeutic for me.

It doesn’t clear my mind longterm.. only in the moment.

It doesn’t bring me peace, joy, etc.

The only reason why I do it is because I’ve seen the results, and I know where I want to be.

And the only way to keep seeing results, and get to my body goals is to keep working out.

It took me months to realize that, too.

If you’re reading this I assume it’s because you are like me, or because you want to start working out, but can’t quite find the motivation or discipline yourself.

Don’t fret honey.

I am you. You are me. We are we!

I used to be soooo lazy before I started my fitness journey.

I still am at a times.

I’d get off work and go home and literally lay in bed scrolling on social media for the rest of the night.

Yet, I’d always say I didn’t have the time to workout lol.

Come on now..

I know some of you do that too..lol

Even now I still have plenty of moments where my motivation is lacking, or where I feel extremely lazy.

I am no better than you. I might be a little worse if I’m being honest.

fitness planner printable 2021

I am lazy af, and I struggle to find motivation sometimes too.

When I am at the gym I’m usually rushing to finish because frankly I don’t wanna be there lmao.

Now let me be honest with you.

A fitness journey is not meant to be some linear or easy process.

As a human that is just way too much pressure to put on yourself.

No one expects you to go straight from point A to Z with no mishaps except you.

You have stop that now.

Your fitness journey is going to consist of many ups and downs, many obstacles, many wins, and many failures, and many days where you don’t feel like doing shit but sitting on the couch.

The sooner you understand that the better.

Now you may dislike exercise or eating healthy,

But once you get yourself in the mindset of

“this is going to take time. I have to be patient, allow myself to be human, and keep pushing through”,

things will be a lot simpler for you.

I honestly think about getting liposuction on the daily, y’all. seriously.

Lol can you relate?

Anyway the point I am trying to make in all of this is that I don’t like working out, my journey has been tough, and at the end of the day I think about liposuction. lol

but I still managed to lose 14 pounds of fat, though.

I was able to do it because in spite of all of that I didn’t give up.

That is how you lose weight when you don’t like exercise.

I know you may have expected me to tell you some kind of secret to losing weight, or suggest some flat tummy tea, but in all honesty there is no way around eating healthy and exercising.

Yes, it may be hard to get motivated sometimes, but

you keep pushing through.. You find fun things that you might like to do.

You keep trying. You fail, you win, you stop, you start

but you keep going.

You don’t have to love it.

Just have to keep trying, and learning, and growing (unless you plan to take the easy route and get lipo, but in that case you wouldn’t really need to start a fitness journey).

When you make an overall lifestyle change, your body will respond to it even if you have days where you slip up.

Trust me, there were times that I didn’t want to do it, and some of those times I actually didn’t. lol

I even quit for a week a few times, but I just started again.

Now I could be a lot closer to my body goals if these things weren’t true about me, but after deciding that I ain’t In competition with anyone I stopped putting a clock on things.

I move at my own pace now, and I don’t beat myself up when I mess up.

And even though I didn’t shake all of my bad habits over time my body still reaped the benefits of my efforts, and I lost weight.

That is what consistency is all about.

You don’t have to workout 7 days a week for an hour.

You just have to keep on keeping on.

I truly enjoy seeing others workout and transform and seeing myself transform,

but the working out itself…

eh….. not so much.

So don’t feel bad if you are lazy, lack motivation or whatever it may be.

Look at me.

If I of all people can push through and get the body I want SO CAN YOU.

Just start,

and don’t stop… no matter what obstacles come your way.

Let’s Chat! Comment below the one thing that holds you back from exercising the most.




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