Loving Your Body In All Stages Of Your Fitness Journey

I remember when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer.

I was and still am a huge space nerd.

(Hear me out, there’s a point to this, lol)

Eventually I decided that I wanted to be an optometrist, and I went through life with that goal in mind.

Some time in college I saw on my Facebook memories a post I made in high school saying that I wanted to be a motivational speaker, but I disregarded it because I was set on optometry.

Recently other people on the outside looking in said to me that they see me as a motivational speaker/public speaker, and it kind of solidified the idea that motivating people was my calling.

I’m happy that It just so happened to be in health and fitness because a lot of people need help in this area the most in regards to motivation. 

That being said I felt like this post was needed and long over due for me.

I’m gonna talk a little first about how I felt about my body in the beginning of my journey, so you can see that these words of encouragement are coming from experience and truly from my heart.

How I Felt About My Body

In fitness, and I am a victim of this myself, we often are soooo focused on how we want to look because we are unsatisfied with how we look currently.

That was literally the whole reason why I started working out in the first place, and I’m sure many of you can relate. 

As I think back over the first year of my fitness journey I remember that It wasn’t until a few months in where, if you’ve read any of my other posts, I stopped hating my body and I gave up competing and comparing with others.

I realized that regardless of how  much I hate my body, I was not going to be in my dream body the next day.

And continuing to feel that way about myself would only make the process slower and more tedious.

Feeling that way also didn’t align with the list I made in the beginning to help myself stay committed.

The things I wrote down on the list were uplifting and motivating, whereas those feelings were negative.

self confidence

How Social Media Affects Us

A lot of those feelings of self hatred and body shaming myself came from social media.

There are tons of people who don’t show how they really look.

You know most people pose, and they make sure that you can’t see the flaws that they don’t want you to see.

Have you ever thought about why the majority of people don’t like off-guards?

I am one of them lol

I hate them bitches with a passion.

Reason being because I can’t control what is seen and what is not.

Think about it..

When someone is prepared for a picture they pose, and get into their angles.

And they look amazing.

When they aren’t prepared that’s when other people, even themselves, can see all the flaws, and the name calling starts.

But that is how they TRULY look. 

Doesn’t mean they are less beautiful.

It’s just the fact that they typically control what others see and don’t see in their pictures.

Now there are some people who do post their real selves on social media, and I am grateful for that, because during the time where I hated my body

I began noticing things about some of the people I love and follow.

I saw a lady with broad shoulders and thought I wonder if people see me as beautifully as they see her.

I saw another lady with narrow hips and a fupa who was gorgeous and wondered if people saw me the same way the saw her.

And the answer was YES. They did.

People constantly comment on my photos telling me how beautiful I am, but me being me, it was hard to accept the compliment because of how badly I felt about myself.

But after noticing the same things I hated about myself in other beautiful women who flaunted these things that I called flaws I realized that I needed to learn to love myself in the body that I am in now, and stop comparing my body to women on social media who pose, and/or use photoshop.

Everybody has flaws, and there is no reason to compare my flaws to others thinking that they look better than me when they likely have flaws of their own that they wish they didn’t have

Love YOUR Body

I promise you, the sooner you begin to at least try to love your body in it’s current state the easier things will be for you in your fitness journey. 

Don’t get me wrong, though.

Loving your body doesn’t mean that you can’t want better for yourself, or have goals of one day having a flatty. Lol

You can still want to look differently while loving yourself where you are.

Loving your body simply means that you accept what you have, and what you look like right now, and you acknowledge it.

And you stop putting yourself down for the things you don’t like.

You embrace those things.

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Of course, you may want to look different or have a certain body type, but you also need to understand that genetics play a huge role in that too.

You may not be able to look exactly the way you want simply because of genes, and if you are hating yourself for the things you can’t change you will never be whole.

There are things you can change about yourself in your fitness journey and there are things you can’t, but that doesn’t make your body any less desirable or attractive. 

fuck society’s standards.

You are still bomb honey.

I am in place where I am not at my body goals, but because decided that I was going to embrace my body no matter what it looks like my confidence is through the roof, and it shows in my pictures, and in me everyday. 

I can’t have wide hips like other women, because I wasn’t born that way, but I want them.

I can’t have narrow shoulders, and I want that too.

But I don’t plan to live in hatred of my appearance over something that I can’t change.

I learned to love them and focus instead on things that I can change, like my body fat percentage.

So stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop holding your flaws over your head.

Stop wishing that you looked the way she/he looks.

Find the beauty in what you have.

Find the beauty in what you can achieve.

You are beautiful either way.

No one has the perfect body.

Not even people who have surgery.

You may see someone and say that they have the most perfectly fit body and want that for yourself, but underneath they could have burns that they hate, or cellulite, or something that they find displeasing.

And always remember that everything is not as it seems.

Photoshop is real, poses and angles are real.

Continue to go after your goals in fitness of course, but don’t belittle yourself because you don’t look a certain way.

You are enough with what you have. 

I say all of this to say once again learn to love yourself throughout every stage of your fitness journey.

Whether gaining or losing you are the bomb.com.

You deserve to be loved, and if not by anyone else, at least by yourself. 

And remember you can still want to make changes, and work towards those changes, but in the meantime embrace what you have and work it.

Don’t forget your planner!

fitness planner printable 2021




January 21, 2021 at 7:47 am

I love this ❤. Thanks for sharing and being so vulnerable . I struggle with this and I know a lot of other women do too. I want to start my fitness journey soon but I think it’s important that I start learning to love my body before too. Losing weight doesn’t automatically equate to self love.

January 21, 2021 at 8:56 am

Great message. Social media definitely skews our perspective on what we should look like, love when fitness instagrams share honest or unedited photos.

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