“Personal Trainers Near Me” – Finding The BEST Fitness Trainer For You

You’re here because you’re considering hiring a personal trainer. 

Having a personal trainer may be exactly what you need to get yourself going, and I respect that!

Some of us need that push, and someone to tell us to get off of our asses. 

Some of us need the extra motivation.

I have worked with two trainers in the past both of which were amazing, but it didn’t last longterm for me for multiple reasons (not bad ones).

You may not realize how important it is to pick the best trainer for you, but it is extremely important for your success in your journey

Everyone’s training style isn’t the same, and it may or may not work for you.

I have a friend who worked with a trainer recently and it didn’t work out because that trainer didn’t like feedback.

The trainer wanted to dictate everything without taking my friend’s goals and concerns into consideration.

Not saying the trainer was a bad one, im simply saying that style of training doesn’t work for everyone, so that is why it is important to carefully pick your trainer.

Before closing the deal and completing your payment take a moment to consider the following things: 

check out her story!

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Trainer


Have a had a conversation with this person?

If not, you should.

Find out what kind of person he/she is.

Find out if they’re nice, if they’re understanding and compassionate.

Find out if they really enjoy what they do, because those kinds of trainers are usually more knowledgable.

Ask them questions about their experiences, things they like to do, etc.

You don’t have to play 21 questions with them, just try to get a sense of who they are as a person, and if you would be compatible. you can also check their social media accounts.

You’re gonna have to work with this person multiple times a week, and  you don’t wanna be stuck working with soemone you don’t even like.

Training Style

How does this person train?

Are they hands on?

Do they tell you what to do and then leave you to it?

Maybe they train only virtually.

These are things you should know before making your decision.

None of these are bad things though. It’s just that different trainers do things differently.

If you prefer virtual training, then you should go with a virtual trainer.

If you need someone that will walk you through everything and hold your hand, then you don’t need to choose a trainer who is going to leave you alone to finish by yourself.

Also know that good trainers will come up with a plan, talk with you about it, and then execute it with you or give you the tools you need to execute it. Keep that in mind when making your selection.


Have you seen results of this trainer’s other clients?

Do they represent what you would want for yourself?

Another question you should think about that is extremely important is – does this trainer look the part?

If the trainer you are considering doesn’t even look fit, you need to run the other way.

It is not wise to take advice from people who aren’t even living the part, or from people who don’t look the way you would want to look.

Pay close close attention to these details, because not all trainers know what they are doing.

What’s Included in Cost

Different trainers have different packages, so you want to make sure you know what you are getting for what you are paying.

Do you need a meal plan? – find out if they’re included or not.

I know a few trainers who don’t include meal plans in their packages.

How many workouts do you want to do a week? find out how many are included.

How long are the workouts going to last?

Will it be one on one or group?

All of these things matter, so decide what you need and make sure their package includes your needs.

and if it doesn’t and you really want to work with that person you can always inquire for more if you see that you need something that is not included.

Your Mindset

Are you truly ready to get to work?

Don’t waste people’s time, and your money.

If you are not ready to commit you do not need to hire a trainer.

Make sure your mind is in the right place beforehand.

If you don’t know how to do that this article will help you out.

Benefits of Having A Personal Trainer

Now that we’ve considered some important things in regards to picking the best personal trainer for you, let’s go over the best parts about having one!

my first week training with my previous personal trainer. that was my first time doing this lift!

You Get More Consistent

Getting a trainer is a great step to take to build consistency in fitness.

You have to pay for these services of course, and most people don’t like wasting hundreds of dollars, so they’ll usually show up and take advantage of the services they paid for.

There’s also the fact that you’ve now included someone else in your journey. That will push you to want to show up and do your best because you won’t want to disappoint them or yourself.

Within your first month of training you’ll have been more consistent and have learned how to do so in the future for times when you may not be working with a trainer. And that really should be a goal of yours.

fitness planner
the best way to stay on track is by making a plan! Get your planner today!

Your Motivation Will Increase

I can speak personally for this one and say that when I was working with my trainers my motivation was always through the roof.

I got up every morning looking forward to working out with my personal trainer, because he had a great personality, he was strict when needed, he was fun, and he switched things up so it didn’t get tedious and boring.

Which again is why you should be careful when picking your trainer.

Having someone be there and rooting you on is great way to gain or maintain motivation.

I know a lot of beginners usually lack motivation, so this would be a great way to combat that.

You’ll Learn Discipline

When motivation fades and you have nothing else in the tank, discipline is what keeps you going.

Having a personal trainer who practices discipline with you will help to learn it and use it by yourself in the future.

Discipline isn’t something that magically appears, you have to work on it.

Having it is necessary to be successful in your fitness journey, and I think that having someone there to help you work on it may be easier as a beginner. 

You’ll Gain Useful Knowledge

The best trainers are also teachers.

They don’t just blindly tell you what to do without explaining things.

They are there to answer your questions, and work with you so that you can learn and grow.

So that one the days when you are by yourself you’re set. 

I learned sooo much from my trainer.

I was able to ask lots of questions, and soak in so much information.

I only worked with mine or short periods, but still today the things I learned I still remember and use every day.

So ask your questions, listen when they are talking, and do your best!

Now you may be wondering where to find the best personal trainers, and if you are I got you!

You can find a trainer by going to your gym, and asking the front desk. They always have trainers on site ready for clients.

You can find them online, and I’ve listed some great sites below

You can check social media platforms, like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram!

You can also check out this list of 22 of my favorite fitness trainers!

black fitness trainers

Always know I am here if you have questions! Drop a comment if you found this information helpful!



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