What Does Waist Training Do?

Tons of women and men these days buy and wear waist trainers.

I have bought two myself. 

people wear them during the day, during exercise, and some even sleep in theirs.

I have actually done all three so I have a bit of experience with them.

Before you go out and buy a waist trainer for whatever reason you may have let’s talk about waist training, the pros and cons, using them with exercise, and lastly if they actually help get rid of belly fat or not.

Please note that I will be giving my honest opinion on waist trainers throughout this post.

You do not have to agree with my opinions.

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What Is Waist Training?

waist trainers

 A waist trainer is a garment that is highly compressed for shaping the body in an hourglass figure.

It’s purpose is the slim the midsection as much as possible.

People waist train for many reasons and have been doing so for hundreds of years.

Ever heard of a corset?

Those date back to the 1500s!

Even back them women wanted to be curvy lol

Waist training can actually move your insides, like your organs and ribs, which on the outside will make your waist appear slimmer and hips wider.

Pros & Cons

hourglass shape

If you want to have that hourglass shape that many women have waist training may be a good solution for you.

Lots of women wear corsets and over time the corset will compress their waist into that desired shape. 

Be sure not to wear it too tight though, because  it can can cause health issues.

improves posture

One thing I noticed when I wore my waist trainers is that I didn’t slouch.

Waist trainers actually do help with posture, from personal experience.

However the change is usually only when you’re wearing it.

Most times people will go back to slouching once they take it off


can reduce back pain from having large breasts

Waist trainers also can provide support for large breasts.

If you deal with back pain from your breasts, a waist trainer may help you alleviate some of that pain, or get rid of it all together.

This definitely depends on the person though, so don’t come cussing me out if it doesn’t work for you

Just try something else!

can help you to eat less

Since waist trainers compress your midsection so much, your stomach is also feeling those affects.

When you eat your food there will be less room for food to go since your stomach is compressed so you will feel full faster than normal

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Now some people will stop once they feel full and that will help them over time to lose weight.

Now don’t be that person who continues to eat after you’re full, especially if losing weight is your goal

If you do that while wearing a waist trainer, I promise it’s going to be extremely uncomfortable

can be painful

This is big reason why I stopped wearing my waist trainer.

They can really hurt.

I am a small person with a small torso so most trainers aren’t made for my size and I would get pinched in different areas.

That could happen to you too

Also if you wear them too tight, or buy a size too small that can cause pain as well.

can affect breathing

Sometimes waist trainers can interfere with your breathing.

They can cause you to feel short of breath and that’s not okay

If this happens you’re likely wearing it too tight, so loosen it up a bit.

If you still can’t breathe normally after that then you shouldn’t wear a waist trainer at all.

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can cause digestion issues

since waist trainers can shift your organs, including your digestive organs, they can cause issues with digestion

they can also force the acid in your stomach to go back up into your esophagus causing heartburn

you can prevent this from happening by taking your trainer off when you eat and allowing your food time to digest before putting it back on.

Waist Trainer vs Sweat Band

Both of these items are meant to slim your waist and shape your body.

There is a bit of a difference though

As mentioned above, waist trainers are for shaping your waist, and the usually will come with either strings or hooks so that you can tighten or loosen them.

Some waist trainers are made with the hooks and they have that material on that inside that makes you sweat, so you have the option to get one of those kinds if that’s what you’re after.

Sweat bands, on the other hand are primarily meant to make you sweat more. 

They usually have straps, and you can tighten them some, but they typically can’t get as tight as waist trainers or produce long term changes.

They are more for reducing the amount of water weight your body is carrying at the moment, but they still do help with shaping. 

and again sweat bands usually aren’t made to be worn as tightly as waist trainers, so the effects of them are only temporary, and would likely fade if you stopped using it.

Working Out With A Waist Trainer

Now the big question here is “Should I workout with a waist trainer?”

Ya know, the first thing people do when they decide they’re gonna start working out Is look for a good waist trainer.

You most definitely can wear one while you workout but hear me when I say this…

You DO NOT NEED to wear a waist trainer while working out.

It is solely up to you, but it is not necessary.

I wore my waist trainer before I started my fitness journey and it did nothing.

I maybe wore it like 3-4 times during my journey, and I still lost weight. 

I still lost belly fat.

So, don’t waste your money if you’re on the fence about buying one or can’t afford it.

You can still workout and lose weight just fine without a waist trainer.

Waist Training and Belly Fat

Let me be very clear here.

I don’t care what anyone has told you.

Waist trainers DO NOT burn belly fat.


One more time.

Waist trainers do not burn belly fat.

If your intention was to buy a waist trainer, wear it all day and expect your belly to disappear you are highly mistaken my friend and you will be looking stupid when you realize that your belly is still fat.

printable fitness planner

I mean no disrespect. 

I’m just telling it like it is.

Don’t fall for the hype.

To burn belly fat you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise more.


Think about something really quick.

Anytime someone is selling a waist trainer, or flat tummy tea, or something else geared towards getting rid of belly fat they also say that in order to see results you have to eat healthy, and exercise while you use it.

Now it is known that to lose weight you have to eat healthy and exercise.

What is the common denominator there?


I’m saying this to show that you don’t need the waist trainer to lose weight.

If you eat healthy and exercise more you are going to lose weight.

That includes belly fat.

In my before and after pictures you can clearly see a huge difference in my belly fat.

I didn’t get that way from wearing a waist trainer every day.

As I stated above, I’ve worn it maybe 3-4 times at most during my fitness journey. 

I lost my belly fat because I ate healthy and exercised. 

Ieisha's progress photos, belly fat loss

Are Waist Trainers Effective?

I have 2 waist trainers, myself.

The first one is simply just a waist trainer meant for shaping me.

But the second one helps me to sweat more while shaping me simultaneously.

I don’t wear them anymore because I realized that I could reach my body goals without them

The effectiveness of waist trainers depends on your personal goals.

For my goals I would say that waist trainers weren’t effective, because I just wanted to lose belly fat. 

and as I stated above, waist trainers don’t burn belly fat.

If you want an hourglass shape, or to sweat more and lose water weight, or to improve your posture they can definitely be considered effective for those goals.

On the other hand, if you want one just to lose belly fat then it won’t be effective.

I’ve given a lot of facts, but also a lot of my own opinions.

If you want a waist trainer go for it, don’t let my opinions sway your decision. 

2021 goal sheet

My advice to you:

If you are planning to get a waist trainer just to get rid of belly fat, I suggest you reevaluate your goals and your mindset, because that’s going to be a dead end. 

I don’t say this to be rude. I say this because I was that person a few years ago who bought a waist trainer to lose belly fat.

I experienced how it was a waste of time and money, and I don’t want you to do the same thing.





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