What To Do When You Reach Your Weight Goal But It’s Not What You Expected

We work so hard at home or in the gym and in the kitchen to become healthier people.

We do this because we want to feel good, reduce risks of health issues, and of course to look good.

Looking good is probably the bulk of the reason lol

It’s almost like being sucker punched when you do all of that work and you reach your weight goal but you’re still not pleased with what you see in the mirror.

Like, what the fuck…

Why do my arms still look like potato sacks even though Im at my goal weight?

this is also another good reason why you shouldn’t rely too heavily on the scale when measuring your progress. This can actually make things harder for you mentally if it becomes an obsession. 

Anyway, I know the feeling all too well.

I was very disappointed when I reached 125 lbs, but still had a belly, my arms were still big, my butt was significantly smaller, and I still felt like I looked like a short line backer

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I was not pleased lol

Trust me, I get it

And it’s very annoying.

So, how does one deal with that?

How do you move forward?

Here’s how..

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

In times like this the first thing you should do is celebrate yourself for actually reaching your goal. 


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Buy yourself something, or go somewhere nice and enjoy your time.

I actually pigged out on fast food, wine and cookies to celebrate myself. (probably not the best idea but it is what it is)

and It was bomb! lol

but you did the work, and went after what you wanted and that should not be downplayed.

And even though you aren’t seeing what you were hoping for you still made progress, you still built up consistency, you still got healthier, you still evolved in more ways than just physically.

That is a huge win, and should be celebrated.

You did that shit.

Be proud.

Work Through Your Feelings

This is definitely something that can hurt your feelings. 

I got really sad when I finally hit 125 lbs but still wasn’t satisfied with my body. 

It simply wasn’t what I wanted. 

I moped for a few days and I was bout ready to quit tbh

because I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have the body I wanted after everything I went through.

I had to actually feel and deal with how I felt. 

My feelings were real, and they were justified.

So if you do feel down or angry let those feelings out.

Talk about it with someone who will understand.

Get some advice from a friend.

take a few days to gather your mind.

Do what you got to do to prepare yourself for my next point.

Set New Goals

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So clearly what you thought you wanted wasn’t really what you wanted at all.

You didn’t know it would be that way.

But it is.

Now is the time to start thinking of new goals.

What do you want to accomplish this time?

For example, 

you’ve reached your goal of 150 lbs but you still have the big thunder thighs you didn’t want? (please don’t take that to heart. i’m just playing lol)

Now your new goal can be to reduce the size of your thighs, or tone them up. 

See what I’m saying?

This time be even more specific with what you want.

“I am going to tone my arms”

“I am going to flatten my fupa, and build abs”

And take the time to research things you should be doing, and foods you should be eating to accomplish the new goal/s.

You may need to start doing more weight training and less cardio

or you may need to alter your meal plan again.

Remember you can’t continue doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

It’s time to start learning more and changing things up.

From here on out you don’t have to worry about your first goal anymore, because you’ve already accomplished that. 

Set your mind and prepare your schedule for your new goal, and stop worrying about your weight at this point.

I know it can be frustrating, but this happens in fitness journeys.

It’s not a straightforward process, and it doesn’t have an end date.

Sometimes you work so hard for something and you realize it is not what you wanted, but that’s life.

you just have set new goals and put in the work to reach those.

Some people actually are satisfied when they reach their goal, but then later decide that they want more, or wanna go harder.

That’s okay too.

Setting new goals is something you’ll be doing for the life of your fitness journey, so try not to feel so bad when things don’t turn out the way you expect at first, and continue on with my next my next point

Keep Going

This is the most important part.

You gotta keep going.

You did not come this far to give up because of this small inconvenience.

Besides, if you give up now you’ll never get what you want. 

And this journey also isn’t only about your physical appearance.

You didn’t start this journey just for that.

You decided that you wanted to make a lifestyle change, and that’s exactly what you did.

Think of all the other things you have accomplished up to this point.

You don’t lose your breath as fast, or your blood pressure is now normal, or whatever it is for you specifically.

That is still amazing, and something to be proud of.

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So don’t allow the fact that this one goal was not exactly what you wanted to stop you.

Keep working, keep learning, and keep evolving.

You will get there if you keep trying, but you won’t if you quit.

keep in mind that weight is not everything. 

I mean yes, It’s great to lose weight and reach weight goals. 

But it feels even better to reach the body goals that you actually want. 

Weight goals and body goals don’t always correlate and I’m sure you see that now because you’re here reading this…

so don’t rely solely on your weight to determine your progress anymore. 

And again, if you do reach your weight goal, but you still aren’t satisfied with your appearance 

set a new, more specific goal and get to werk on it!

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