Getting Fit In Style – Where to Get Cute & Cheap Workout Clothes

When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you work HARD!

It’s time to ditch the oversized tees, and gym shorts and get into fit fashion!!

My favoriiiiiiite thing to workout in are bodysuits. 

I love the idea of only having one thing to put on. And there is also the fact that they REALLY emphasize the curves.

What’s the best part you ask? 

You can look good in activewear and NOT break the bank.

So many places have activewear for $30 or less, including bodysuits, sports bras, leggings, shorts, and tops.

Let me show you my favvvvvorite bodysuits, and some stores that keep me looking bomb and feeling good in the gym!


I get most of my bodysuits from amazon, and a few from SheIN. Each one is under $30 and you can get yours here or by clicking the image of your choice

$16.99 on amazon
$19.99 on amazon
$16.99 on amazon
$23.99 on amazon
$16.99 on amazon
$11 on SheIn
$19.99 on amazon
$19.99 on amazon

All of these suits I have purchased myself, and they are of excellent quality! You may find some other bodysuits and activewear you like here also.

Amazon isn’t the only good place to find cheap activewear.

Also, everyone may not want to wear bodysuits and that’s fine. Don’t worry though, because you can get cute and cheap activewear from the following places online or in store.

The Best Places To Get Cute and Cheap Gym Clothes


Amazon has it all! Sports bras, leggings, tops, bodysuits, socks and more. Most of this you can find for less than $30, and of good quality.


Target has some expensive things, but ya just gotta know where to look. If you go in store they usually always have a some kind of sale on sports bras!

DD’s Discounts

DD’s is extremely cheap! I’m taking leggings for $5! I’ve gotten some very nice activewear from here, but because it is a very cheap store you gotta pay close attention before you buy.


Ross is very similar to DD’s but slightly higher in cost. You can find leggings, tops, shorts, and sometimes body suits for $20 or less. I’ve even seen tops AND leggings for $5 each. Cant beat that! BTW, Ross does not have online shopping. You’ll have to go in store.


Of course you know Walmart has activewear. They don’t always have a huge variety, but their prices are more than reasonable. They have amazing sports bras for women with larger chests who need more support.

TJ Maxx

This actually is my favorite place to go. They have a huuuuge variety of activewear, and super cute! Great prices of course and amazing quality. You cannot shop online, but there is a TJ Maxx in almost every city.


This is mostly online. There are not many in person stores. They have extremely cheap prices, however the quality can be a hit or miss. Also, the sizes can be a hit of miss as well. be sure to read the reviews for each item before purchasing.


This company is the same as SheIn. They have a lot of the same things. the prices are slightly lower, and again be sure to read reviews to make sure the quality is okay.

Also check out these amazing Black Owned activewear brands!

Actively Black

This company was started by former pro basketball player Lanny Smith. From bags, to hoodies, and accessories to tees they have it. Men and women can both find something they love here!

The Body NV

This amazing fitness apparel brand has everything a woman needs to look her best. This company was established by Halani Lobdell a beautiful and well respected influencer.


Zoezi is a fashion forward lifestyle fitness brand. With both men and women activewear everyone can find something they will love.


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