Why Eating Too Little To Lose Weight Can Be Bad

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It can be tempting when trying to lose weight to cut back as many calories as possible. 

Most people want to lose weight quickly, and they think that eating less and exercising more is the way to do it.

Technically, yes that is true.

But some people will literally starve themselves, and still try to workout.

Before you do that let me tell you why it’s not a good idea.

And this is from my personal experience.

If you workout while you’re starving yourself your body won’t have enough fuel to perform properly.

It can begin to break down muscle, and other parts of your body to provide the energy that it needs for the workout since it wasn’t fed enough. 

One day I unintentionally didn’t eat enough, and went to the gym and tried to do an intense workout.

I think I had like a bag of chips and a banana for that whole day, and I worked an 8 hour shift.

So I was in the gym lifting weights, and I was wondering why it felt so hard to do. 

I had done the exercise many times, but this time I felt extremely weak and exhausted. 

I ended up stopping because I couldn’t perform the movements correctly, and my mind wasn’t in it either.

It wasn’t until later that night when I realized what the issue was.

I barely gave my body any nutrients to run on for the day, let alone get through a workout too.

So I decided to test it the next day by making sure I ate the way I was supposed to.

And of course my performance was much better, and I felt much better.

I had a great workout, and slept like baby afterwards lol

That experience taught me how important it is to eat.

Even though it wasn’t on purpose.

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People always say that to lose weight you need to eat less, and that’s true

but for some people they interpret that as they should barely eat anything, and that is not the case.

They say that nutrition is 80% of the battle because it truly is!

You have to eat. You have to give your body enough calories and nutrients.

Yes you should eat less, but that only means eat less than you currently do, because clearly if you’re overweight you’re eating more than you need.

It doesn’t mean barely eat anything at all.

Learn how much you need each day to lose weight, and stick with that number.

also, incorporate healthy options into your meals.

don’t go into your journey planning to eat 500-1000 calories a day or just some fruit and exercise on top of that. 

It is not healthy!

Some side effects you could experience are headaches, fatigue, break down of your muscles, and even an injury. 

It can also cause your body to go into starvation mode overtime.

Starvation mode is a state where your body begins to burn less to preserve energy because it’s not being fed enough. This can actually slow down your weight loss, and you don’t want to risk that happening.

If  you ever experience any of these symptoms during or after a workout, it could be a sign that you aren’t eating enough and that you need to start paying more attention to your calories and nutrients everyday.




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