Why Having Fitness Goals Is Important

I often talk to people(beginners), who have no idea what they want to get out of working out.

Of course losing belly fat is a very common goal for beginners, but beyond that… nothing..

Going into fitness with no goals and without a plan of action is the quickest way to get discouraged and fail!

From the beginning of your journey you need to set fitness goals.

Specific fitness goals.

It could be to improve balance, increase flexibility, to run longer without getting lightheaded, etc.

fitness goal sheet
Click this image to download your own fitness goal sheet!

Having fitness goals is extremely important and will be one of the determining factors on if your fitness journey is successful or not.

Having fitness goals is important because all workouts don’t yield the same results.

For example, if building muscle is your goal doing a bunch of cardio is not going help you achieve that goal.

Cardio workouts are not meant for building muscle. Its purpose is to get your heart beat up, not to make you stronger.

So if you decide to do any kind of workout just because, with no real goal in mind, you likely will not get the results that you are after. You may get some results, but maybe not exactly what you want.

As a beginner doing any kind of workout is better than nothing, but you need to know what you are trying to accomplish as soon as possible so that you can build your workout routine effectively.

Believe me, doing something for months expecting a specific result and then seeing something completely different can be very discouraging, and frankly a waste time.

Back when I first started and for almost a year I set days to target arms, core, legs, and for cardio as well. 

It definitely helped me to lose fat, and got me where I am today.

But when I reached my “weight goal” I didn’t look the way I thought that I would.

Over the past few months I realized that my goals don’t include my arms or abs.

After that realization I made adjustments to my routine.

Since losing fat, and building my lower body muscles is what’s important to me that is what my workouts are now centered around throughout the week.

Now this doesn’t mean to completely neglect other body parts if those areas aren’t something you are concerned about.

I still work my arms and core on full body days, but I no longer dedicate a full day to them.

All this means is that you need to know what you are working towards first, then make a routine that is gonna get you there.

Don’t do things just because that’s what you see others doing.

Your goals and their goals may not be the same.

Your body and their body is not the same.

Remember genetics also plays a huge factor in how your body looks, so always do your research for your own body, and your own goals. 

If you need help with setting goals and building a routine drop a comment below. I can either help you or point you in the direction of someone else who can!



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