Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

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Don’t get me wrong the scale can be a very useful tool in your fitness journey. 

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight they can show you how much you’ve lost or gained overall.

They allow you to track your weight and get an analysis of your body composition. 

The problem with scales though is that they can’t show you everything.

It is not recommended for anyone to rely solely on the scale numbers to determine their progress.

Take it from me, someone who used to weigh herself every morning first thing.

I guess you could say I had an obsession.

I did learn some valuable information, like the fact that I weigh more when I am ovulating, but other than that it wasn’t really making a difference..

I was taking measurements maybe every month or so, and honestly if I could go back I would switch things around by taking measurements more often and hopping on the scale less often. 

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t weight yourself daily

Scales Are Not Always Reliable

Most people get on the scale because they want to see if they’ve lost weight.

My question for you is… what is your fitness goal?

If I ask any stranger that their answer is likely going to be to lose weight, but usually what they really want to lose is fat.

Getting on the scale will definitely show if you’ve lost weight, but a basic scale won’t show what that weight consisted of.

Sometimes it’s literally………. literally just water weight. And that is why the next day when you get on the scale again it says a different number. 

Your weight is the total of your entire body mass not just your fat.

So, losing water weight is still technically “losing weight”, but it’s not going to get you the body that you are hoping for. And trust me, it’ll be back.

Now if you do have a scale that has the ability to determine your entire body composition including muscle mass %, fat %, water %, and bone density that’s great, and those numbers can be helpful.

Be mindful, though, that those numbers can sometimes be swayed.

Simple things like being dehydrated, or having a full belly after eating can show increases in your fat % or decreases in muscle %, but it likely isn’t 100% accurate. So keep that in mind as well when weighing.

Scales Can Make You Feel Insecure

scale weight

We have all been there. We get on the scale one day and we’re down a pound, and the next day we’re up 2.

And then we think “omg how did I gain weight back? I’ve been sticking to my routine.”

And from there we get sad and discouraged. We start questioning if what we’re doing is even worth it, because it seems like it’s not working. 

That good ole water weight can do that to ya.

Honestly, you don’t gain anything from weighing yourself everyday, other than false ideas that you’ve gotten bigger or smaller. Your body weight naturally varies each day and throughout the day.

That is normal.

Now I’m not telling you that scales are completely wrong, and should never be used.

What I am saying is scales don’t tell the whole story, and they are not capable of showing physical differences like measurements and progress photos can. 

Measurements and Progress Photos Show More


Measurements and progress photos are a better way to see changes that the scale can’t show, like inches lost or muscle gained.

Did you know that your body could burn fat without your weight changing at all?

Depending on the kinds of workouts you do, you could be losing inches because your body is ridding the fat and building muscle mass.

It’s called body recomposition. 

How would you know that was happening if you got on the scale and saw that you were still the same weight as the last time you checked?

You wouldn’t.

Now if you had some measurements or photos to compare you might see that you lost an inch around your belly, or that one of your back rolls is smaller (this was the case for me).

That’s why these methods are more reliable.

The Take Away

I love hopping on the scale myself lol I’m not proud of that, but it is what it is.

However, I have experienced when it’s overused how it can do more bad than good by making me feel insecure, or making me want to give up.

There was a time where I had literally said that I was done.

I was like this shit is pointless because I’m not losing any weight.

This was about 2 months into my journey. Luckily, I had taken before photos.

monday motivation and fit Friday

After I said that I remembered I had those pictures so I was like what the hell let me take some more pictures just to see, and if I don’t see anything then I’m done.

That’s exactly what I said to myself.

And let me tell you…….

I was in awe when I compared those pictures to the new ones.

I noticed that my back had changed.

If you look on my homepage you’ll see my back photos, and those first two pictures are the ones I was looking at.

My back rolls were slightly smaller.

Even though the scale hadn’t budged, my back was still toning up.

The change wasn’t huge, but that alone was enough to motivate me to keep going.

It showed me that even though I was a beginner and I didn’t know much about health and fitness then, something was working.

I was kinda hurt that my belly wasn’t shrinking and that the scale wasn’t moving, because those were my main goals, but that day I realized that I couldn’t rely on just the scale anymore

I also realized that I had other body goals that weren’t related to my weight at all.

So I kicked the scale to the curb lol

From there I started paying more attention to my measurements, and my pictures. I started weighing myself once every few days or once a week.

With that being said please save yourself the trouble. Instead of weighing yourself everyday, do either weekly or biweekly weigh ins, and start taking measurements and progress pics frequently if you haven’t already.

Make sure that when you do use a scale you follow these tips.

Weigh yourself:

  • First thing in the morning 
  • After using the bathroom
  • On an empty stomach
  • Wearing as little clothing as possible
  • While hydrated (if you aren’t that’s okay, but you will likely notice a difference when you are)




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